Western Colorado Private Land Guided Elk Hunts

Western Colorado Private Land Guided Elk Hunts

Colorado's Best Guided Elk Hunts

At North Rim Trophy Hunts, our Elk Hunts are conducted exclusively on private land. We only conduct fair chase hunts with no fences. This is a fantastic opportunity to hunt some of the most coveted private land in Western Colorado for monster elk. Enjoy an all-inclusive, free-range elk hunt that is sure to be the hunt of a lifetime!

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About Western Colorado Elk

The average Elk is a 5×5 or smaller 6×6’s scoring between 200 and 300sci. We get some larger bulls that walk through occasionally but those are not what we expect to see on a regular Elk hunt. The Colorado elk season is from the middle of October through the end of November at the tail end of the rut when bull elk spend all their time traveling to see if they can find a breedable cow elk. This is the prime time for our regular Elk hunts as we are able to take advantage of the herd movement.

Don’t waste your time and money with inexperienced guides or outfitters, let North Rim Trophy Hunts show you the way to the biggest fair chase elk in Colorado! Give us a call and let one of our knowledgeable and friendly guides answer your questions, and help you book a hunt today.

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What Is Free-Range Elk Hunting?

Our elk hunts are free-range or low-fence hunts on private property in Colorado. This means that you'll be seeing elk that are moving naturally through their habitat. The alternative is a high-fence hunt. These hunts are conducted on large ranches that have a high fence perimeter that limit the natural movement of the elk. These ranches generally have carefully managed genetic programs that produce enormous trophy elk. Our free-range guided elk hunts provide hunters the challenge of glassing, calling, and harvesting elk organically; you take all the credit for the animal you bring home! We can't guarantee shot opportunity on these hunts, however, our experienced guides will put you in spots they know elk travel through.

What to Expect on Your Colorado Elk Hunt

5-Day Private Land Open Range Elk Hunts  $7,500

  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • Guides
  • Exclusive access to private land

We take you on a 7-day quality elk hunt (one day in, one day out, 5 days hunting) in the mountains of western Colorado. We start out early before daylight, drive 4×4 to the hunting area from the lodge, and go into the area on foot. These areas are heavy oak brush and mixed aspen trees in the 7000 to 9000-ft altitude. We hunt from some stands and on foot (spot and stalk) to have the most opportunity of downing an elk. The percentage of harvest is about 50% to 75% for our Regular Elk hunts.

Some days, we might return to the lodge mid-day for lunch and go back out for the afternoon hunt, sometimes we stay all day in the hunting area. The guides take care of all the field dressing, game handling, and getting you safely to and from the hunting area. Most of our guides have over 10 years of experience in the field and we pair up 2-3 hunters per professional guide. Please let us know if you would like more detailed information about any of our hunts.

If you were born after January 1, 1949, you will need a valid Hunter’s Safety Card (from any state) to purchase a hunting license. All hunts require a 50% up-front deposit to book! Please let us know if you have any questions or special requirements prior to your hunt.

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